Heart Bleed Bug

Things you need to know about Heart Bleed

What is heart bleed all about?

Heart bleed is a bug caused by some “not so good code” written by the authors of OpenSSL. The bug allows attackers to gather information that is stored in the servers memory such as usernames, passwords, conversations and more. The worst part is, it’s completly stealth, leaving no signs or traces that an attack has taken place.

Does this affect me?

Probably. The recommended method to limited damage to your accounts is to change your password, but there is a catch-If the site hasn’t updated yet, they are still vulnerable and your new password could be stolen again.

What can you do about it?

Nothing. This is a problem on the server side, so the companies running services such as your banking and web-mail need to update their software, most of the big names have already done this. Please check the companies main website for updated information regarding their patching of this bug. Until you see official word from the companies you might want to avoid online banking and purchases.

Why does anyone use OpenSSL?

OpenSSL is used to encrypt traffic between two computers. Basically this means the information is scrambled gobblygook until it reaches its destination.

If you want even more details please visit Heartbleed.com as they have a great write up that doesn’t require too much technical knowledge to understand.

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